janet tries to use merkuro

calendar: – oh hey there's a menu bar – why can't i scroll the calendar with normal scrolling stuff – figuring out how to add tasks took a while – the add task thing just . Didn't work and the calendar selection was empty – i had to go to settings – click on everything until i clicked on “accounts” – at which case i noticed a local file was being called an “account” – that was confusing – i clicked on it to try and figure out why it wasnt showing – i tried playing with the file path – that did nothing – i renamed the personal calendar to something – at which case it decided to show up in the sidebar behind the settings windows – i clicked a day and couldn't figure out how to get back – the toolbar only had week/3 days/1 day options – i looked in the menu bar to find the 1 month option – i feel like the 3 day option could be replaced with a 1 month option – and then the other less-common options could go in the menu bar – back at the month view i clicked calendar and tried to add a thing to my day – was still just empty despite me now having a calendar – at this point i give up adding a task – i look in the settings again to try and adjust the view of weekdays so that saturday and sunday are at the end – there's no such setting – the appearance setting is filled with stuff that i don't understand or don't care about – “use popup to show incidence information” what – “show (sub)tasks in calendar views” why would i disable my reason for using the app – there's a bunch of toggles for swipeable/basic views – but . the views aren't swipeable – it looks like it just toggles the animation that plays when you click the buttons – why should i care how the weekday labels are aligned this is a calendar app not a typesetting app – why should i care how verbose they are theres plenty of space in the window to always show the full text – if i resize it they shrink down – “grid border width” am i the app user or the app designer – “show week numbers” finally a setting that i can comprehend and actually want to toggle – “enable maps” what maps???? – also why is a feature toggle in the “appearance” window – that's all of the settings there – guess there's no setting for actually changing how the calendar is arranged just a bunch of designer toggles – don't have anything else to do here considering i can't add tasks

contact: – scanning through the menu bar – file menu only has “quit merkuro” there is no file management in the file menu – that's not a lot of functionality – anyways let's make a contact – why is “blog feed” the second text box – to whom is that more important than phone number email address IM handles business information and wait there's no IRL address thing here??? – anyways i put in the name and a picture – and press create – it crashes – i noticed the contact book thing was greyed out – do i need to try giving the default one a name again – off to the settings – there's no option for me to give a name – so i will not – nothing else i can do here

mail: – The Email program encountered a fatal error and will terminate now – welcome back OS 9 i missed your love of “i died and there's nothing you can do about it and im not going to tell you why” dialogs :) – nothing else to say here