Janet's Mid-December Shenanigans


I worked on fancying up qml-lsp's underlying infrastructure and added some new features. One of the more noticeable things is that attached properties can complete now:

screenshot of completing an attached property

There's also some lints:

screenshot of linting warning about an unused import

Currently there's some lints warning against usage of language features that negatively impair readability, (with statements, alias, etc.), warning about using anchors in a Layout, and unused imports.


Shades is a small utility app I made that lets you grab shades of a colour.

screenshot of shades

It uses the OKLAB colour space to generate shades, which means it produces really good variations on a colour that only differ in visual brightness instead of going “off-brand” like other colour spaces would have.


Yeah, Tok just has the “saved messages” room display as such instead of using your account's name and avatar. Not much, which is why it's getting lumped in here instead of in its own blog post.

Tags: #libre