QML-LSP: A Simple LSP Server For QML

kate showing a completion for qml

kate showing another completion for qml

qml-lsp is a simple LSP server for QML. it currently only offers primitive non-context-aware completions, without anything else. it understands:

note that it doesn't understand project-local QML components, only stuff installed to the system QML dirs with qmlplugindump set up correctly.

regardless, it does a decent job at completing system types, and considering that Qt Creator struggles with some of the plugins that qml-lsp has no problem with, it's pretty usable and an improvement over the nothing found in editors other than Qt Creator.

you can check out the source at https://invent.kde.org/cblack/qew-em-el-el-ess-pee, or fetch a statically linked binary here. plonk the binary in your PATH under the name qml-lsp.

kate LSP config:

	"qml": {
		"command": ["qml-lsp"],
		"highlightingModeRegex": "^QML$"

tags: #libre