A Switchy Week In Tok

Quick switcher

Tok is now equipped with a quick switcher for fast and efficient keyboard navigation between chats. Simply Ctrl+K, type in your chat's name, and press enter.

The search box above the chat list is now partially functional. It offers filtering of chats, though it does not offer the full search that Telegram is capable of offering.



Tok can now render non-animated stickers.


Tok now allows you to see videos in chat and open them in your preferred media player.

Join Messages

Join message being shown

Tok is now capable of displaying join messages.


Removed unneeded drums.

Obtaining Tok

Tok can be built from source from https://invent.kde.org/network/tok.

The support/development room is at https://t.me/kdetok.


Interested in contributing? Come on by the dev chat and say hello.

Tags: #libre #tok