This Week In Tok: New Features And UI Improvements And Janet Got Tired Of Writing A Cool Title For Every Weekly-ish Post

Meta: The first thing I have to announce is, that I'm tired of trying to come up with a cool name for every blog post. I'll just use This Week In Tok from now on.

Secret (E2EE) Chats

Tok now supports secret chats, which are indicated in the chat list using a lock icon. Secret chats are Telegram's E2EE solution, and since the clients (like Tok) are open source and the algorithim well-documented, you can easily verify the implementation for yourself. Wish I could say the same for some other E2EE chats.

a secret chat

Color Scheme Persistence

Tok now remembers which colour scheme you picked between restarts.

New Desktop Settings

Tok now has a revamped settings dialogue more in line with other KDE apps on desktop.

desktop settings

New Mobile Settings

Tok now has new dedicated mobile settings that offer a touch-friendly interface.

mobile settings

Creating Chats

Tok now allows you to create chats of all kinds: one-on-one private chats, secret chats, private groups, public groups, and channels.

the dialogue

Disabling Notifications

You can now disable notifications globally in Tok quickly and easily and enable them just as easily.


Image Improvements

Messages with images are now much less jumpy than they were before.

Images also now show a blurry thumbnail while loading.


System Tray

Tok now offers the ability to minimize to the system tray on desktop systems, where you can still receive notifications without a visible Tok window and disable/enable them from the tray directly.

system tray

Obtaining Tok

Tok can be built from source from

There's a Telegram room for Tok available at, where you can come on and chat about anything Tok related, such as asking questions on using or building Tok.


Interested in contributing? Come on by the dev chat and say hello!

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