Yet Another Week In Tok

Tok's welcome screen

Bon venon! Herzlich willkommen! o kama pona! Tok now has an improved welcoming sequence with improved visuals and user experience.

Tok's password screen

If you want to see this for yourself, you can now log out using the new log out menu option.

Tok's log out menu

Once you're back in Tok, why not try out the new resizable chat list?

Tok's chat list

Or the toggleable sidebar?

Tok's sidebar

Photo and Video Sidebar

Tok now lets you view photos and videos that have been sent in a chat in the sidebar.

tok photo sidebar

tok video sidebar


You might realise with the help of the sidebar that there's something inappropriate in your chat.

Now, Tok will allow you to properly delete others' messages if you have the correct permissions.

tok deletion

You can also now choose to only delete messages for yourself in groups/chats where this is applicable.

tok deletion dialog


There's a good chance you may want to scold someone for sending an inappropriate photo in your chat. Tok now provides autocompletion for mentions, making it faster to type out someone's username.

tok mentioning


Tok now supports displaying GIFs in chat.


Tok has seen a lot of optimisations. Memory usage should now hover around or below the 100MB range idle, depending on how many photos, videos, GIFs, etc. are on your screen.


A lot of Tok's crashes have been fixed, especially ones pertaining to images.

Removed unneeded drums.

Obtaining Tok

Tok can be built from source from

The support/development room is at


Interested in contributing? Come on by the dev chat and say hello.

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